Sound of a woman

The sound of a Woman is distinct
But ever so fleeting.
You see it everywhere but fail to look.
Understand that the sound is in tune with the breath of the Earth
The shudder of the ocean
And the sigh of the clouds.
Instinctively you search out this sound
Yearn for it when you wake up
And when you close your eyes
You hungrily feed off the sound of the woman.
Yet for all your admiration, you fear her sound.
This undulating echo
Unable to quantify her degree of force
Powerless to contain this wave of sound
A dog with its tail between its legs.
So with that fear you seek to silence the very thing you need.
And you shrink this rare sound to a hollow voicelessness
To validate your nothingness
You strangle out her sound
And make it stop.
Resounding silence
But just for a moment
Because like the rising Sun her sound is inevitable
The sound bleeds from her curls and the twists of her braids
It flows from the smile in her curves
And the resilience in her bones
Through the tales of her skin
And the cracks of her feet.
The footprint of her sound is etched in us all.
And etched in us all.

Advocacy Poetry by Guest Author –  AKLILE MEKURIA