When the holidays give you lemons…


When you cannot even get yourself to go home because home is more stressful than being alone. When everyone assumes that you should come to them because you do not have any children. When home is too far and time or money won’t allow you to get there. When there is no home to go to. When your job prevents you from getting home or staying there. When you have family members who do not acknowledge your hard work in a way that encourages you. When they diminish your accomplishments as though anyone can do what you do. When you do not get that gift you’ve asked for. When there is an assumption that you only show up for the food/drinks and the material things you get. When there are things that need to be said but everyone is avoiding the conversation. When there are unfriendly family members or introverts who make it difficult to initiate and continue a conversation. When everyone is in there own world and no one wants to get lost in each other. When the holiday is too painful without a loved one there. When the good time with family is cut short because of bad news.

When the holiday season is not what you would want, we wish you happy lemonade making from sour, but useful lemons!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, anyway!