Follow Your Dreams in 5 Quick Easy Steps


1. Trust That Inner Voice

Can you hear it? It’s the voice that speaks from the heart that tells us to dream BIG. When we were younger, this voice started as a grand peacock with beautiful wings. We listened to it, we LIVED by it. It got us far. It helped us picked out our favorite games and activities. It also shielded us from doing things that our parents were displeased of.  Unfortunately, for most of us as we aged it seemed like this voice transitioned from a grand peacock and turned into a little bald baby chick! It shrinked. Vanished. Got stifled. Often I wonder, “what the heck happened? When did I stop trusting my intuition?” Truly this may be secondary to a host of things… parents, environment, relationships, etc…now it’s time to focus back on that tiny little voice that says “Follow your dreams…Follow your heart.”

2. Dream BIG

I recently read Grant Cordon’s “10X” and I loved it. In it he basically makes it a point that, we don’t dream BIG enough. Often we might think, “Oh I want to be a doctor, I want to be the best doctor that I can be” and stop right there. Is that all that your heart is desiring, or is there more? Although we try to protect ourselves by setting what we think are unobtainable goals, what if  you laid out your most outrageously lavish dream?  What would it look like? Take a moment to write it down… what would your life look like if you were to follow your biggest most outrageous dream? Now go get your dreams!


3. What’s on Your Mental Radio?

What kind of things do you tell yourself on a moment-to-moment basis? Are you your biggest fan? If your thoughts about yourself were displayed like a rolling screen in the middle of Times Square, would you be proud of them? Truth is, what you believe about yourself, you are! It took me well into my thirties to switch the radio station from ‘being too hard on myself and my perceived mistakes’ to ‘enjoying the life God has given me and making the most out of the ups and downs life throws at me’. I can now say that I am more my biggest fan more than I am my biggest critic. This gives me more confidence on a daily basis to chase my goals.  Spend more time appreciating your unique talents and gifts.


4. Draw Your Road Map

Want to accomplish your wildest dreams?  There is only one way to do it and that is by STARTING.  However and wherever you want to do it, you must write down a visual guide book/roadmap consisting of what you think and what you want to accomplish. The road may change constantly, however the destination is the end goal of what you consider success and fulfilment.  So put the pen to the paper or fingers to keys and START that roadmap.


5. Feed Your Soul

What’s life worth living if you don’t take care of your soul along the way to achieve your success? What I mean is that your wildest dreams might take you to places unimaginable. There will definitely be ups and downs but it’s all about your perspective. Remember: Always take care of you!  Make sure you set time to feed your mind, body, and soul. Eating right, exercising, prayer/meditation are great places to start. Show love to your family, friends, co-workers, etc. in another idea. Balance out all the wonderful things in life that might not have a darn thing to do with “your goals” but do them simply because you enjoy them… when your “tank” is full, you will get  the power you need to push forward towards your dreams.


Hey love, what can you do today that will get you closer to your wildest dreams?