Art Corner – Your Fantasy


Your Fantasy

See the curve on her lower back,
And the way it properly accentuates her backside,
You’ve noticed from afar.
The sway of her hourglass waist
The way those high heels hug her feet,
You see her,
You glance
Across the room, across the way,
Maybe on the street

In your mind, in your thoughts

You came over
You said hi
She said yes
She is not easy
She is hurt
Though a lot of fun
On some bed, in some house

The words from her caramel lips,
A cry for help
But her thighs,
Exactly how you’ve imagined them
Her chest wide open
Her breasts
But not her decree of desperation

Her long silky legs
You didn’t look closer

So she lets you in,
And she keeps coming,
All you wanted was her kiss but
She keeps calling,
Just a tender touch
Now she keeps stalking

On facebook, on instagram

Just one night
To call her baby
Now it’s her turn
with your baby

Only fantasy
Not abortion!
Not a lifetime in sorrow
For you, for her

For the sake of becoming wiser,
Before your next fantasy
It’s your turn to try again,
to look closer,
listen better,
Avoid the title….
Victim of the victimized with a lifetime of regret.