The Budgeting DAME’s Tips on an Amazing “$taycation”

Raise your hand if you work a ton and feel like you need a break!?!  Guess what… you deserve it 🙂 Unfortunately, if you are in the medical world, it may not be as simple as taking a week off in the middle of your rotation/call/busy work month/etc. Often it’s darn right impossible to just pick up your bags and head to Tahiti for the weekend. I often NEED  a break and with limited time and money, the next best ideas I come up with are creative but budget-friendly. You know these as ‘Staycations’. Read below for some cool tips to unwind and recharge!


1) Plan a fun event that you have NEVER done before

The hubs and I work so much that it feels like when we get together all we want to do is crash on the couch for our date nights. On one of my recent ‘Staycations’,  I suggested that we do an activity we had not ever done… we played racquetball… let me tell you, we had a blast. We laughed at each other, we laughed at ourselves, it was a crazy mess, but honestly it was so much fun. So my first suggestion is to grab a homie/lover/friend and do something physical (get your mind out of the gutter please) you have never done before!

2) Phone a FRIEND or an acquaintance

I think in this fast paced race called “life,” sometimes we forget to reach out of the normal routine. Reconnecting with an old friend just might be the therapy/creative spark that you need. I have been fortunate to meet some really cool people on my journey through life. I have hung out with people that were in medicine like myself and outside of medicine and I have been able to glean helpful “life’s tidbits” from most. Sometimes the heartiest of laughs and good times from people that you haven’t seen in awhile can make the most positive impression on you, try it for yourself!

3) Try something different to eat for ONCE

So admittedly, I am on this hardcore budgeting plan so eating out these days is rare for us, however I did try a new recipe on my  recent ‘Staycation’  I tried a super tasty seafood recipe… so simple but with the sun out it just made me feel so ‘summery’ whilst we ate.  Later on, the hubs did take us to my favorite budget friendly health restaurant and I got a side item that I have never ate before in all my years of going there. It was a gamble but it was so worth it. That little side dish was so delicious! It was basically my life’s happiness on a plate, (I’m extra, I have been told).


4) Explore your NATURAL side

Nope, I am not talking about hair, I am talking about any piece of land that is not interrupted by a ‘man made’ something or another. Little did I know that there was God’s trail of goodness less than 15 miles from my home. A beautiful creek with serenity beyond belief. Walking there was a way for me to disconnect from my work and electronic devices and reconnect with nature. The meditation game was so strong. I am ashamed I don’t take the time to go there more often.  It was a great place to explore all kind of creative thoughts.


5) Explore your ARTISTIC side

Check out a fashion show, new dance class,  or check out if a local coffee shop is hosting a poetry night. One point for you if you actually go to something you have never tried before. 100+ points  if you get on up there and let awesome poetry rock through those vocal cords or the beat rock through those feet!! 🙂


hope you enjoy every last one of your amazing Staycations!

pics provided by pixabay 🙂